Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Melissa Power has some great workouts!  This one is only 24 minutes, & is equipment free.  Take it on vacation with you, to the gym, or to the park!  I thought this was a perfect lunchtime workout.  If you don't have an interval timer, do a certain number of reps for each move.  

If you have a smart phone, you can download an interval timer 
(from my Bodyrock Beginner Guide):
If you can’t afford to buy a Gymboss, there are free options!  Do you have a smart phone?  iTunes & Android markets each have great interval timer apps for free. 

1. Round Timer by transcendent systems is my favorite.  This app is the most like the clip-on Gymboss we all love.   The logo is a red alarm-looking bell.

2. Gymboss (logo is a black & white stick figure in a circle, who looks like he's running).  The round timer app is super-easy to use, & Gymboss will let you build custom workouts.  Their app isn't as easy as their timer but it's nice.

Android: I like these equally:
1."HIIT Interval Training" by Giorgi Regni (the logo has a runner's silhouette).  Easy to use & you can save presets.

2. "A HIIT Interval Timer" by Pimpim Mobile (the logo looks like an analog clock). This one is also easy to use, but you can also make very specific workouts.  If you wanted, you could make each round say "jump rope, squats, knee raises, etc."  I love both.

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