Monday, April 29, 2013

Tips to Staying Nutrition-Minded During Vacation

Guest post by Cole Millen

When vacation time arrives, it is important to stick to your diet plan so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your fitness efforts.  It is common for people to diet and workout while they prepare for their vacations.  Everyone wants to look good in a swimsuit or feel healthy and in shape while they are enjoying outdoor activities on their trip.  By watching out for pitfalls of fast food and unhealthy food options, you can continue to keep to your healthy way of eating without sacrificing delicious meals on your vacation.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Avocado Basil Pasta: 4 Ingredients & Fast

My avocado tree is almost done for the season.  I have made a TON of guacamole, & tried a few new (to me) avocado recipes.  This one, inspired by a recipe I stumbled across from Oh She Glows, is delicious, & super easy.  It is very similar to the Peruvian Green Spaghetti recipe I've posted on this site.  The quantities are very flexible, so adjust according to what you prefer.  While very tasty with pasta, the avocado sauce could be served as a dip.  I did not try it yet, but adding in spinach & a little lemon juice would probably be good.