Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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If you read my blog, you may have noticed that when I cook with red meat, it is usually grassfed flank steak.   When I grocery shop for my family, I make a point to buy grassfed beef, wild caught fish, & cage-free organic poultry.  Today I came across a great article about grassfed beef.  If you aren't sure about why grassfed beef is better for your health, the environment, & the cow, please take the time to read this article!  

The Truth About Grassfed Beef by John Robbins

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Roasted Turkey Salad with Apples & Blackberries

I have a favorite salad, which I changed a little bit tonight.  I added blackberries & used a simple lemon vinaigrette & loved the result!  (I forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure you know what salad looks like!)

Blackberry Apple Cobbler

We have blackberries growing along our driveway faster than I can eat them.  I don't post many sweet recipes on this site, but thought this was worth sharing.  If you are going to have something sweet, you might as well make it from scratch!  Last week I made a very simple blackberry cobbler, & tonight decided to try a variation on the original recipe.