Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

I’ve been MIA for a while…having a baby can do that to you.  The little guy is asleep at the moment, which means I too should be resting.  Instead I’m updating my sadly neglected little blog.  Now that I am sort of emerging from my post-partum haze, healthy cooking & workouts feel possible.  The first few weeks after the baby was born I grabbed whatever was around to eat quickly before feeding him (granola bars,
yogurt, cookies, fruit, hard boiled eggs) & the only moving I did was walking & stretching.  He’s 10 weeks old tomorrow, & I've been doing my favorite type of workouts (for 6 weeks now), & attempting to eat healthy consistently.  I have 8 weeks until I return to work, & I must fit into my work wardrobe!  I refuse to buy new clothing….10 pounds is doable.

While I was pregnant, I stopped following the blood type diet.  I fully intend to go back to it, & have been cooking many of the recipes posted on this site to get re-acclimated to it.  Once I start coming up with new dishes again, I will share them.  For now, I’m going to sleep while I can!

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  1. Congrats on the new arrival. My baby is 8 months old now so I understand where you are. I too veered off the BT diet and have been really struggling to get back to it. I am not stressing too much over it but I do want to get to a good place. Do you have any advice on getting back or staying on track? (I am still breastfeeding as well).

  2. Thanks, & congrats to you, too!

    I veered off the BT diet early in my pregnancy. I felt like I was starving until I started eating whatever I felt like having. With breastfeeding, I don't feel that way, but I do get really hungry sometimes.

    I don't have any good advise for getting back into the BT diet, especially considering that I'm not back on it 100% yet. My main incentive, aside from feeling better, is that my son has my blood type. My plan is to stock up my kitchen with beneficial items & slowly phase out the avoids, That's how I eased into it originally. I'm starting small, like when I initially started, & being lenient with myself. I am eating less tomato, chicken, wheat, corn, etc. I'm keeping my fridge stocked with ready-made salad, plain yogurt, hard boiled eggs, fruit, & deli turkey. I can't easily find spelt flour anymore, which means that I bake with wheat when I want bread or cookies. A trip to Whole Foods can probably solve that problem.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer right now! Hopefully I will soon :)


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