Monday, April 29, 2013

Tips to Staying Nutrition-Minded During Vacation

Guest post by Cole Millen

When vacation time arrives, it is important to stick to your diet plan so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your fitness efforts.  It is common for people to diet and workout while they prepare for their vacations.  Everyone wants to look good in a swimsuit or feel healthy and in shape while they are enjoying outdoor activities on their trip.  By watching out for pitfalls of fast food and unhealthy food options, you can continue to keep to your healthy way of eating without sacrificing delicious meals on your vacation.

Snack Lightly and Often
Staying on track with your healthy eating plan does not mean you have to starve yourself while you are traveling.  It is more than fine to indulge and eat at your favorite restaurant once or twice during your vacation.  However, be sure to maintain balance by munching on healthy snacks that will reduce your hunger when you do go out to eat. 
By visiting fruit stands and choosing apples, mangoes, strawberries and other similar fruits, you will gain an edge over your hunger cravings and will effectively reduce binge eating on fatty foods.  Drinking lots of water while you walk around to your favorite shops or theme parks is another great way to reduce cravings and slow down hunger on vacation.
Research Hotels in the City You Visit
If you are planning on spending the majority of your vacation in one particular city, take time to call ahead and research your hotel options.  Many hotels offer fitness gyms and yoga rooms and this can be a great way to get in a morning workout before your day starts.  Hotels are also great resources for recommending quality, nutritional restaurants that provide healthy menu options.  Take time to ask about sushi bars, farmers market stands and healthy deli options in the neighborhood of the hotel you will be staying at. The ways that I have been able to find great reliable information while researching is through reading personal reviews. I recently found a great site on a trip out west that listed reviews for all of the hotels in Las Vegas. Not only did it list reviews regarding the hotel and amenities that were offered, but there were also reviews regarding surrounding restaurants and even regarding things to do. This information made it so easy to plan out every step of my trip and to ensure that I had a great time while also catering to my healthy lifestyle. 
Load Up on the Vegetables and Vitamins
When you do go to restaurants, check out the vegetable options.  Instead of ordering fried appetizers, ask about cheese and fruit appetizers.  You can also ask about cold cut vegetables and hummus dip or baked wheat tortillas with a healthy salsa dip.  Instead of ordering a side of mashed potatoes or French fries to go with your steak, ask for grilled asparagus or a side salad. 
Many restaurants also take pains to provide gourmet healthy side dishes for their health-conscious guests.  Some of these wholesome side dishes are delicious and they can include steamed broccoli with lightly grated cheese added, grilled bell peppers and baked zucchini patties. 
Taking vitamins each day can also help to supply you with the proper nutrients that will sustain your body during the day.  Look for vitamins that include calcium and other nutrients your body needs to remain strong and healthy.  With just a little effort and a nutrition-conscious attitude, you can eat amazing foods without giving in to unhealthy cravings during your vacation.
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