Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you live in the United States, Jan 18th you may have noticed that many websites were either "blacked out" or had protest notices to call attention to some controversial bills.  If you like the internet free & open, please take time to educate yourself & tell your representatives how you feel.  You can either call or email them to voice your opinion.  This link will take you to the US House of Representatives' website.  You can easily look up your representative, then contact via email or phone to voice your opinion.  It only takes a few minutes.  The Jan 18th blackout was very effective, but the writers of SOPA/PIPA will continue to to try to get their bills passed.  It is important to tell your representative what you think!

Here's a NY Times article that shows how protesting & contacting your representative CAN make a difference, & quickly.

Here are some links you can use to educate yourself:
SOPA (Wikipedia)
PIPA (Wikipedia)
Wikipedia's blackout
Why these bills are the wrong way to try to stop piracy (Google)

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