Monday, April 23, 2012


Here's a great equipment-free workout I did during my lunch break that you can do anywhere.  

2 rounds of:

10 per leg
Around the world lunges
(1 rep = 1 forward lunge, 1 side lunge, & 1 backward lunge)  Do all 10 reps on 1 leg before the next.
Reptile + leg lift
(From plank, bring one knee to the same side elbow.  Then extend the same leg behind you & raise it up, straight.  That’s a rep.  Alternate sides.  Keep your core tight & body in a straight line the entire time.)
Crab toe touches, alternating
Pike presses
I warmed up with a walk to a park (0.5 mile), & cooled down with about a mile walk after this workout.

I kept the intensity of this routine low, but here's how to turn it up:

  • Change the format to HIIT: 15 min 10sec rest/50sec work
  • Do 3-4 rounds (300-400 reps) as quickly as possible with good form
  • Add jump rope
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