Sunday, February 26, 2012


Tonight I did a rep-based workout made up by a Bodyrocker.  It can be done using a dumbbell, kettleball, or weight-filled bag if you don't have a sandbag.

100 high knees with jump rope
25 pushups with 2 knee tucks

100 sandbag swing 

25 half burpee with calf raise & arm raise (no push-up, raise up onto toes instead of jumping)
100 side jump lunge touchdowns
25 bent-over sandbag rows
100 mountain climbers
26 supergirl planks (lift opposite arm/leg, alternate)
100 crab kickups (the last 3 photos on the linked page show this move)
26 single leg toe touches (I counted each switch as one)
100 low jacks with rope (each foot fall = 1 rep)
25 around the world squats 
100 regular jumping jacks, no rope (each footfall = 1 rep)
25 pike presses
100 roundhouse kicks (alternating in sets of 25 per leg.  Mine were like backward lunge side kicks)
25 ball passes (swiss ball, each switch = 1)

It took me 35:21, including 2 water breaks & stopping to remove weight from my bag.  I think my actual time was closer to 34:00.

Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this site regarding workouts posted on this site. 

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  1. Wow, I'm published! ha ha!  just for the record I did a martial arts type roundhouse kick and alternated sides for each kick, so its a step, pivot knee up & kick.  love those!

  2. Even though I did my kick differently, I think they are what killed my glutes! I lunged back, then would push off to a roundhouse kick & land back in a lunge...brutal.

  3. and I think the way I did mine made my obliques sore and my hamstrings stiff!  ha ha!


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